JEM III Post-tensioning Services

For the past twenty-nine years JEM III has provided millions of square feet of post-tensioning for thousands of homes, commercial buildings, subterranean projects and parking structures in San Diego County and all over Southern California. From the smallest cable repair, to the largest parking structures, JEM III can put all those years of knowledge and experience to work for you in order to provide one of the most comprehensive post-tension solutions available.

JEM III is able to provide engineered designs and install post-tension systems for residential and commercial buildings as well as subterranean and structural decks. Because of our extensive background we are also able to provide many specialty services such as slab repair, structure modification, post tension cable locating and layout, demolition without cable damage, as well as external post-tension systems to reinforce existing structures.

From the first contact, to the completion of the project, JEM III will exceed all expectations with outstanding attention to detail, customer service and quality installation that is second to none

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